Keep reaching. Photo taken by author.

If Art Doesn’t Save Us, Displaying Art Might

Seeing Ansel at the MFA. Credit: ©C. Regan Davi

Just the other day a creator friend asked me what I was doing with all the sketches I’d been working on during the pandemic.

“Are you hanging them up?”

“No,” I said, thumbing through my dog-eared portfolio. “But they’re all right here.”

“Hang them up,” she said.

“But they’re just sketches,” I said.

“Do it,” she insisted. “It’ll make you better.”

It’ll make me better? Gee, I thought, that’s kinda harsh.

And then it hit me. She was talking about the value of seeing and being seen. A particular brand of magic happens when we creators (and aren’t we all…

Post-pandemic guidance from art and bees

Credit: C. Regan Davi

I’ve just become eligible to schedule my vaccine appointments, one of the last in my circle of friends, family and colleagues. We’d be high-fiving if we could, and there’s certainly a thrum of anticipation in the air: when can we get back to how things used to be?

But at the same time, now that I’ll be among the vaccinated, I wonder whether different questions might be more apt. With all of us having been altered by the Covid experience, how do we begin again? And should we be taking a closer look at other directions we might go in?

Christine Regan Davi

Managing director @GallerySystem; Artist, Writer & Photographer; Alum @UMassD @SimmonsUniv,

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